1. Oct 31, 2012 12:09pm

    By Jesús Díaz

    THIS IS A SCANDAL! Apparently the Kindle Fire HD versus iPad Mini comparative ad in Amazon’s front page has “FLUNKED THE REALITY TEST”! Stop the fucking presses! As some astute [journalists/fanboys/amateur PR people] have discovered, everything is correct except for the fact that the iPad has stereo speakers, not mono! Goddamn cheaters! I’m glad someone called this one out. Now the entire Eastern Seaboard can carry on and go buy their iPad minis on Friday without being afraid of being swindled. Thank God.

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    First time in life I didnt want to smack Jesus Diaz upside the head.
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    And Amazon is actually correct. the iPad mini only has one speaker (sure it plays stereo, but it isn’t as good as having...
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    I can’t laugh hard enough at this.
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