1. Nov 2, 2012 12:17pm

    Exclusive Interview With Chinese People Who Are Totally Not in iPad Reselling Ring

    By Joe Brown

    Names have been withheld to protect the innocent

    Gizmodo: So, what are  you here to buy?

    Lady 1: iPad

    Gizmodo: iPad 4 or iPad mini?

    Lady 1: Both!

    Gizmodo: Which one’s for you?

    Lady 1: I like the mini.

    Gizmodo: So you’re going to keep the mini?

    Lady 1: 16 gigabytes

    Lady 2: Something in Chinese.

    Lady 1: [nods] 16 gigabytes. White one.

    Gizmodo: They’re already out of the white.

    Lady 1: I buy whatever they have.

    Gizmodo: What about your friend? [to friend] Are you getting an iPad?

    Lady 2: Two iPads.

    Gizmodo: Which one, the mini or the 4?

    Lady 2: Both mini! iPad 4 is stupid. Nobody wants, no money. [editor’s note: clearly a Gizmodo reader. Also, she was like yelling.]

    Gizmodo: So you’re selling the iPads? 

    Lady 2: No, for my daughter. [Looks at Man]

    Man: [nods]

    Gizmodo: You’re giving two iPads to your daughter?

    Lady 2: In Chinatown I pay $3 to charge my cellphone.

    Gizmodo: Really? That’s fucked up.

    Lady 2: [to man] Something in Chinese

    Man: [nods]

    Lady 2: He pay $15 on Tuesday. hahahahahahahahaha!

    Gizmodo: hahaha you got ripped off

    Man: [shrugs]

    Gizmodo: So you’re giving both iPads to your daughter?

    Lady 2: Two daughters. One five, one eight.

    Gizmodo: And you’re giving them both iPads? You’re the best mom ever.

    Lady 2: [To Lady 1] Something in Chinese

    Lady 1: Her daughter already has iPhone 4S.

    Lady 2: [pulls out white iPhone 4S] hahahahahahaha How many [iPad buying] tickets you have?

    Gizmodo: Just one.

    Lady 2: Too bad, make money.

    Gizmodo: Who do I sell my iPad to?

    Lady 1: 16 gigabytes

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