1. Nov 5, 2012 10:13am

    Gizmodo Is Back on Gizmodo.com!

    By Harry Sawyers

    After spending the better part of last week rescuing our servers from the storm, Gawker Media’s tech team has restored gizmodo.com to its former glory. Thanks guys!

    And thank all of you for reading our Tumblr over the past week. It’s been fun. The posts have migrated back to the main site, with the discussions open—so feel free to let loose with the witty, incisive reactions you’ve been holding back. We missed you.

    Also, we’re keeping updates.gizmodo.com online—we love Tumblr, we appreciate the community, and we’re not going to stop posting on this site. We plan run some stories that feel a little different than your regularly scheduled gizmodo.com programming. So stick around!


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